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More VC Shenanigans: Wednesday August 15th

It’s science week and that means only one thing!┬áScience Themed Variety Collective!

BEN MCKENZIE – A Brief History of Time, in under 5 minutes!
THE HIGGS BOSON SONIFICATION – Google it! We can’t explain it but we can dance it!
BAYDEN HAMMOND – Magician and creator of Top Hat Tuesdays
ALAN DRISCOLL – Stand Up Comedian. “Really, really outstanding” – youtube commentor.
THE ODDITIES – Music, physical comedy and eccentric dancing.
PLUS your host, Kid’s WB Science Guy ‘Nicholas J. Johnson’ will set off some mentos and coke in the middle of Sydney Road!

8:00pm on 15 August
All tickets $10
Free entry on presentation of PHD!

Come early for dinner and drinks!