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Bayden Hammond – Live at Top Hat Tuesday: April 2nd

Top Hat Tuesday - April 2nd 2013It’s the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! That means a lot of entertainment right here in Melbourne competing for your attention. Well, that’s okay – because we’ve put together an incredible line-up of entertainment that will not only have you laughing, it will have you baffled and gobsmacked too! Legend of the Melbourne magic circuit, Warren Jackman, returns on April 2nd to host a non-stop, action-filled night of comedy, magic and illusion. Join him as he shares the stage with an array of incredible artists.

  • Jo Clyne – Jo is an acclaimed magician, performer and historian. Having spent eleven years at university, you may expect an intellectual twist or two as Jo baffles you with her witchery. This could be the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Hermione Granger perform live!
  • Bayden Hammond – The man, the myth. Bayden is the genie whose love for all things magic brought Top Hat Tuesdays to life. With a unique blend of humour, magic and mentalism, he’ll be sure to leave you smiling, spellbound and scratching your head all at the same time.
  • Ben Hutton – Arguably one of the best shows at last year’s Melbourne Magic Festival, Ben fuses magic, music and surrealism like no other. If you have ever dreamed about a magician, it was probably Ben Hutton – you just didn’t know it at the time.
  • Frank Agius – A true legend of magic, Frank returns to Top Hat Tuesday as an internationally acclaimed act, having performed alongside the world’s best magicians. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see him live on stage!

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Full Circle: Back to the Variety Collective after one amazing year…

Well it’s been just over a year since my first performance at The Variety Collective, and what a year it has been. I’ve managed to squeeze in performances at Dane Certificate’s fantastic new theatre, perform at the Melbourne Magic Festival and even launch a monthly magic show. I’ve never been more excited, busier or crazier about magic in my whole life (except maybe my 10th birthday party)! I’ve also met some fantastic people along the way and feel extremely privileged to stand amongst such a genuine, talented group of magicians right here in Melbourne.

One such person is Nicholas J Johnson, the mastermind behind The Variety Collective, and the hugely popular Close Up Gallery (which features during the magic festival). So if you’re free on Wednesday 13th March, why not join us for a memorable night of laughs and entertainment? You will not regret it, and in fact you may just want to come back again… and again… and again…

8pm, Wednesday 13th march
The Brunswick Green | 313 Sydney Road | Brunswick