Bayden Hammond – Live at Dane Certificate’s

Bayden Hammond - Poster

For those who are yet to experience the charming and often quirky world of Dane Certificate’s magic theatre, you’re in for a treat. Nestled in an unassuming alleyway in Brunswick, the theatre offers a doorway into another realm. It’s a vaudeville world of smoke and mirrors where belief is suspended and Cheshire cats roam, and for me, it’s the quintessential magician’s playground.

Every Friday and Saturday night, you can enjoy a deliciously diverse mix of entertainment as Dane hosts two hours of side-show entertainment and magic, from the uncanny to the mystifying, from the hilarious to the spooky. Like the fairy tale world it resembles, the venue oozes with a life of its own, with surprising characters and twists around every corner. So take a deep breath and prepare to leave your world behind, because this is one rabbit hole you may never want to leave…

Grab your tickets today!

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