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Dom & Dumber – The hilarious sketch comedy magicians!

PosterSee Bayden’s brand new show, Dom and Dumber, at this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival!

Award winning magicians, Dom Chambers and Bayden Hammond, have come together to combine astounding magic with side-splitting sketch comedy. “If there’s one thing we love just as much as magic, it’s sketch comedy” Bayden describes. “We just can’t get enough of shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV and Key & Peele.”

Boasting a colourful cast of characters, Dom and Dumber takes its audience on a hilarious journey involving call centres, restaurants, movie theatres, lawyers, dating, religion and more! Nothing is sacred in this fastpaced mash-up of theatrical comedy and illusion. “We’re really pushing the boundaries of what live sketch comedy can achieve” Dom adds. “We don’t just want to make audiences laugh at the ridiculous scenarios we’ve dreamed up, we also want to blow their minds with the sneaky magic we’ve integrated into the stories.”

Dom and Dumber: The Sketch Comedy Magicians is exclusive to the Melbourne Magic Festival, running from July 8th – 11th at 9.30pm in Studio 1.

For details and tickets, visit